SERVICE Quality service is what has made C. Johnnie on the Spot the leader in the portable toilet business in the Golden Triangle area. Our management team with over 75 years of experience in the portable sanitation industry has the knowledge to assist you in determining what your needs should be for all types of projects and special events, from large to small. We can provide service schedules to meet our customer's needs from one day a week to seven days a week or multiple
daily services if required.

C. Johnnie on the Spot has a large inventory of portable toilets available for immediate delivery. Our professional personnel,armed with our fleet of delivery and service vehicles provide our customers with a prompt, quality service. C. Johnnie on the Spot has the capability of handling your needs whether it's a large construction site with hundreds of portable toilets or one unit at a new home site. We also have units available for special events such as festivals, parties,
weddings, etc.
C. Johnnie on the Spot has always stood at the forefront of the movement to make portable sanitation available to those with special needs. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant portable restroom provide CJOTS' customers the opportunity to serve their special needs customers with the highest level of products available. Portable toilets are available with lift cages for use in elevated areas such as ship yards and other types of job sites with elevated structures. We also have trailer mounted units for use on highway jobs or jobs where mobility is critical

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